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Flange Wrap Whip


The original jockey whip.  To order your flange wrap whip, explore your options by browsing the image below.  Then - complete and submit your order form, and checkout online.  PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT A CUSTOMIZED HANDLE, WITH YOUR NAME, A LOGO OR A FLAG, YOU NEED TO GO TO THE EVENT WHIP PAGE. WE CAN'T ADD THOSE FEATURES TO A FLANGE WRAP WHIP.
Orders take 2-4 weeks , including time to craft and ship your whip (allow additional time for international shipments).
Questions?  Use our contact form.
NOTE: clicking "Submit" your whip design form(s) sends us your order form, but does not place your order into the cart or start your online payment.  You will do that in Step Two when you click the "Buy Now" button.









Complete and submit the design form below to design your custom jockey/flange wrap whip.  

Note: if you would like to order multiple whips with different custom features, fill out & submit a separate order form for each design.  

If you would like to place a bulk order for your barn or company, where only the names will change, please contact us first for instructions before placing your order.



Click the "Buy Now" button, select your whip type, enter the quantity you're ordering, and checkout. 

If you've ordered more than one design, you can combine them at checkout.  Just enter the total number of whips you've submitted design forms for.


Be sure to choose in your check-out whether you'll pick your whip up, or want it shipped.



Carlos can only begin working on your whip after you've completed BOTH Steps One and Two.

Click the images below for a closer view ~

Arias Whips
Arias Whips custom flange wrap whips
Arias Whips - flange wrap whip
Arias Whips - custom whips
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